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Brief Summary


Aims to foster mutually beneficial international relationships between local R&I-performing academic or private entities and foreign counterparts.


Focus areas


•  the development of joint teaching curricula for Masters or PhD students.


•  placements for local researchers in foreign institutions for the purposes of furthering research & innovation collaboration.


• the arrangement of strategic and targeted visits by local academics/researchers and representatives of private entities to foreign institutions to participate in research & innovation activities of an exploratory and developmental nature.


•  the organisation of seminars or workshops on a research and innovation area in Malta that would benefit from the participation of foreign experts.


• the development of transnational research & innovation proposals for submission to third party-funders, e.g. Horizon Europe, etc.


Eligible entities


Maltese Public and Industrial Entities


Participation criteria


•  Consortium of at least one Maltese R&I Entity and one International R&I Entity.


• The amount of the Pre-financing Award available to any one successful Applicant is capped at €6000.


• Eligible costs include flights for travel and travel insurance, subsistence allowance, venue hosting and catering strictly related to meetings, workshops and seminars hosted locally, publications related to the project and information and promotional material.




€150,000 per year




Two calls per year, usually opened in Q2 and Q4• RNS operates under De Minimis Aid.



This article was last updated on: March 5, 2024