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Brief Summary


Option A: aims to foster mutually beneficial international relationships between local R&I-performing academic or private entities and foreign counterparts.


Option B: opportunities for Maltese entities intending to submit a Horizon Europe proposal as the coordinator of a consortium to engage a service provider (local or foreign) who will be supporting the applicant through proposal writing and submission.


Focus areas


Option A:


•  the development of joint teaching curricula for Masters or PhD students.


•  placements for local researchers in foreign institutions for the purposes of furthering research & innovation collaboration.


• the arrangement of strategic and targeted visits by local academics/researchers and representatives of private entities to foreign institutions to participate in research & innovation activities of an exploratory and developmental nature.


•  the organisation of seminars or workshops on a research and innovation area in Malta that would benefit from the participation of foreign experts.


• the development of transnational research & innovation proposals for submission to third party-funders, e.g. Horizon Europe, etc.


Option B:


• develop and submit an Horizon Europe proposal, as the coordinator of a consortium, to any part of the programme open to Maltese registered legal entities, by engaging the services of proposal writer/s or consulting services of proven track record in proposal writing in H2020


Eligible entities


Maltese Public and Industrial Entities


Participation criteria


Option A


•  Consortium of at least one Maltese R&I Entity and one International R&I Entity.


• The amount of the Pre-financing Award available to any one successful Applicant is capped at €5000.


• Eligible costs include flights for travel and travel insurance, subsistence allowance, venue hosting and catering strictly related to meetings, workshops and seminars hosted locally and information and promotional material.


Option B:


• The amount of the award available to any one successful Applicant is capped at €5000. MCST will provide 100% reimbursement upon confirmation of proposal submission and confirmation of invoice and receipt by beneficiary


• The eligible costs are proposal writer/s or consulting services fees.




Option A:


€100,000 per year


Option B:


€50,000 per year




Two calls per year, usually opened in Q2 and Q4• IPAS+ operates under De Minimis Aid.



This article was last updated on: September 6, 2021