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In 2021, MCST expanded its FUSION portfolio to provide a more comprehensive support structure to the research community. Whilst these changes promote a wider range of technology readiness/maturity project proposals, it also included a top-down thematic programme provision. This Thematic Programme provision is intended to address a particular market failure for the year in question making use of the COVID-19 R&D Fund as a framework.

From 2024 onward, the aim of these thematic initiatives will be to improve the R&I landscape in Malta by producing a cohesive system by which Maltese researchers and entrepreneurs may develop their innovative ideas in a comprehensive, well-adapted environment which caters specifically for their sector. With these requirements in mind, an adaptive system can only be developed with the collaboration of Maltese public entities, authorities and agencies who boast a deep technical understanding of specific sectors. Through this process, multiple targeted initiatives can be developed and maintained to support the growth of specialised research activities. 

Who to Contact for Further Information?

Get in touch by contacting us on (keeping in copy), so we can schedule an information meeting and answer your queries. Any public entities, authorities or agencies who would like to collaborate on these thematic initiatives are free to reach out to schedule introductory meetings.

This article was last updated on: June 20, 2024