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The European Space Agency (the “Agency” or “ESA”) and the Malta Council for Science and Technology (MCST), acting for and on behalf of the Foundation for Science and Technology of the Republic of Malta will be inviting you to submit a proposal in the frame of the First Call for Proposals under the Plan for European Cooperating States (PECS).   Potential Tenderers are therefore requested to note that the Agency can only consider Proposals from companies or organizations residing in Malta, which operate in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Malta. Tasks may be assigned to non-Maltese entities residing in other ESA Member States. Such tasks shall in any case not constitute the core activities of the proposed study or development and shall not exceed 20% of the total price. The subject of the CfP is exclusively for the following activity types:

  • Research and Development Activities: Design, development and demonstration of a recurring upstream product or service or a satellite data based downstream service with potential for use in ESA optional programmes and/or commercial missions/ customers. The start TRL shall be at least 3, target TRL shall be 4-6. Price not higher than €200,000


  • Space (downstream) Applications. Products and services making use of ESA / European space infrastructure that is already existing or scheduled for operation in the near term. The goal is to make steps towards the introduction of a product to a first customer and to enter into customers supply chain. The start TRL shall be at least 5, target TRL shall be 7-8. Price not higher than €150,000


  • d. Preparatory activities: Feasibility studies, de-risking activities, conceptual design work, proof of concept and simple breadboard activities (e.g. feasibility studies, market surveys, user requirements definition and breadboard demonstrators) aimed at supporting national competitiveness or the initial steps of a product development for Space with potential for use on future ESA or commercial missions. The start TRL shall be at least 1 (where applicable), target TRL 2-4. Price not higher than €150,000


  • Education activities: covers activities aimed at raising awareness about space technologies and their practical application, and space science, amongst the public, government, local industry, schools and universities with the aim of increasing young people’s motivation to choose space related education and industry as a career and encouraging the uptake of the use of space-based services. Also covers the development of tertiary education programmes in space education (BSc, MSc). Price not higher than €75,000


  • Space science activities: supporting the involvement of Maltese researchers leading to potential of future involvement in ESA science mission core team and publication of peer reviewed scientific papers. Involvement of an international partner is considered essential. Price not higher than €50,000


Launch of the ESA PECS Tenders Opening 18th of September 2023   This call will remain open until the 30th of October 2023 13:00 hrs.

To register for this call all applicants must create an account on the ESA Star Platform:

For more information regarding this call please contact Dr Michael Quinton at:;

Documents related to Call:


MT1Briefing_02_ESA Procurement Basics_final


MT1Briefing_04_How to write good proposal_final

MT1_PECS_Proposal submission high-level checklist


MT1_Briefing_Handbook Basic of ESA Procurement


N.B. MCST will no longer be running the Space Research Fund. The new funding for any space related research and development will be done through these ESA PECS calls.

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