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The largest EU funded Research and Innovation Programme

Horizon Europe is the largest EU Research and Innovation programme; succeeding Horizon 2020. This programme with a budget of more than 95 billion euro will focus on three pillars; namely;  Excellent ScienceGlobal challenges and European Industrial Competitiveness, and Innovative Europe. 

This programme will promote excellence and provide valuable support to top researchers and innovators to drive the systematic changes needed to ensure a green, healthy and resilient Europe.

 It will also cover the Widening Participation and Strengthening of the European Research Area through a wide spectrum of measures to support lower R&I performing countries, to build up excellence centers, improve their capacity and facilitate collaborative links.

Missions in Horizon Europe

Missions are commitments to solve some of the greatest challenges facing our world. They are an integral part of the Horizon Europe framework programme. Each mission will operate as a portfolio of actions – such as research projects, policy measures or even legislative initiatives – to achieve a measurable goal that could not be achieved through individual actions. Areas where there will be missions include:


Adaptation to climate change including societal transformation

Healthy oceans, seas coastal and inland waters

Climate-neutral and smart cities

Soil health and food

European Partnerships in Horizon Europe

Horizon Europe will support European partnerships with EU countries, the private sector, foundations and other stakeholders. The aim is to deliver on global challenges and industrial modernization through concerted research and innovation efforts. The Horizon Europe proposal lays down the conditions and principles for establishing European Partnerships. Full information on European Partnerships including candidates and contact details

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Horizon Europe provides opportunities for Maltese researchers and organisations to be at the forefront of research and innovation and to collaborate with leading organisations across Europe and the world. The Horizon Unit within the Malta Council for Science and Technology is your contact point for Horizon Europe in Malta. Building on our past experiences, we are able to answer all your questions related to Horizon Europe and can guide you throughout the whole process of participating in the Programme.

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Horizon Europe is the new research and innovation funding programme post 2020.  Built upon the lessons learnt of Horizon 2020, Horizon Europe is an evolution rather than a revolution. Regarding rules, an increase use of simplified forms of grants will be applied where appropriate, through lump sums. The Horizon 2020 funding model, including up to 100% co-funding rate will be kept.

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This article was last updated on: April 1, 2021