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The Transforming Health and Care Systems Partnership (THCS Partnership) is a new transnational initiative (a co-funded partnership under Horizon Europe) on joint research within the health sector. The general aim of this Partnership is to maintain and improve people’s health by supporting the transformation of the health and care systems to achieve high-quality, fairly accessible, sustainable, efficient, resilient and inclusive health and care systems for all. This will implicate a coordination and optimization of research and innovation efforts in Europe and partner countries.

THCS Partnership gathers more than 60 partners from 24 EU Member States, HE Associated Countries, and non-EU Countries (including Switzerland, UK and United States). The funding organisations will pool national funds to launch yearly Joint Transnational Calls for R&I projects that will be co-funded by the EU until 2027.

Different entities such as universities, research and knowledge dissemination organisations, public or private research and/or innovation organisations, hospitals or foundations or any healthcare providers, as well as commercial companies, particularly small and medium-size enterprises may participate in these Joint Calls. Eligible entities will need to abide with the administrative requirements set up by each funding organisation.

The common vision of the THCS Partnership is already manifested in its Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) identifies the following specific objectives to be achieved by 2030:

  • SO1. Intensifying cooperation for better evidence-based policies, investments and sustainability of the health and care systems

  • SO2. Strengthening and enlarging the research and innovation community in the field of health and care systems across Europe and beyond, mobilizing broad interest of multidisciplinary research and innovation on health and care systems.

  • SO3. Improving ability of participating countries and regions to implement innovation in health and care systems (organisational, service and policy and technological innovations).

  • SO4. Enabling the health and care systems of participating countries and regions to improve and to support people’s health mainly through digitalisation and other tools, and increased access to new and improved solutions, developed in an ethically and ecologically friendly manner.

  • SO5. Strengthening and enlarging the health and care practice community.

For more information, please contact MCST on or +356 2360 2152.

Call Snapshot
FundingTHCS Partnership Partners
Call LaunchQ1 (March)
Consortium EligibilityAt least 3 independent legal entities from at least 3 different countries participating in the THCS Joint Call.
Project Duration36 months (max.)
MCST Allocated Budget€ 500,000
StagesOne-stage call. Intent to Apply before full proposals submission

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This article was last updated on: February 27, 2024