Research Excellence Programme

The Research Excellence Programme (REP), a National Funding Programme, is supported through Malta Government funds and managed by the Malta Council for Science and Technology. This programme was designed in response to the need and desire for public and private entities in Malta to focus on early conceptual research endeavours through a non-thematic based, bottom-up approach. The programme is intended to fund projects which are still in the early stages of research, but which nonetheless boast a high degree of excellence as well as national and international relevance.

The programme also aims to:
• Form a more comprehensive Maltese R&I system.
• Build capacity in new, multidisciplinary areas in the Maltese R&I sector.
• Fund the initial research in products or services that could have a significant impact on industry and which could ultimately lead to new avenues for      economic growth.
• Generate knowledge and build capacity for future areas and contribute to smart specialisation strategies and policy development.
• Strengthen and contribute to existing collaborations with local and international research centres of repute.

Budget: €250,000 per year

Participation Criteria: Up to €50,000 for one Maltese Public Entity (100% funded) or one Maltese Industrial Entity (90% funded).

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This article was last updated on: January 29, 2021