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Projects Awarded 2022

Project Reference Title Beneficiaries Granted Amount (€)
REP-2022-001 (GreASE) Green Algae to Solve Emerging problems in food security University of Malta €49,943
REP-2022-002 (LuminEye) Robust Eye-Gaze Tracking Under Variable Illumination Conditions and Iris Occlusions University of Malta €49,507
REP-2022-003 (QVAQT) Quantum Variational Algorithms for Quantum Thermodoynamics University of Malta €49,974
REP-2022-005 (MARC) Measuring the Architecture of Consciousness University of Malta €49,971
REP-2022-006 (Doc2Speech) Document binarization for Text-to-Speech Applications University of Malta €50,000
REP-2022-007 (DETECTIF) Digital Evidence Targeting covErt Cyberattacks through Timely Information Forensics University of Malta €49,874
REP-2022-008 (FLYPALS) Towards Personalised Medicine in ALS: Fly Models of Maltese Patients to Discover Drug Targets University of Malta €49,999
REP-2022-011 (MICORE) Combining 3D printing and Microinjection moulding for the fabrication of polymer components with embedded miniature hollow cavities University of Malta €49,998
REP-2022-013 (Aerogen) Non-thermal plasma activated aerosols against food-borne pathogens University of Malta €49,998
REP-2022-017 (HUMAINE) HUman-Centered MAchINe lEarning University of Malta €49,999
REP-2022-018 (MethNCowFeed) The Mitigation of Methane Emissions and Nitrates leaching by Dairy Cows via the Improvement of Feed Quality University of Malta €49,879
REP-2022-020 (RECP) Circular Economy through Recycling Poultry Waste for value-added products in Construction & Agriculture University of Malta €47,943
REP-2022-023 (AIMS1) Aircraft Advanced Insulation Monitoring Systems: Part 1 University of Malta €49,999
REP-2022-025 (EFM-DETECT) Non-invasive early fault detection in electrical machines T4B Services Limited €40,073
REP-2022-032 (CombiHeal) Using a Combination of Natural Products and FDA- approved drugs for Chronic Wound Healing University of Malta €49,073

Projects Awarded 2021

Project Reference Title Beneficiaries Granted Amount (€)
REP-2021-004 (OPTICA) OPtical Telescope Intelligence for Computational Astrophotography University of Malta €49,983
REP-2021-005 (MicroFab-Neuro) Microfabrication of a culture surface for therapeutic testing of neurones University of Malta €49,579
REP-2021-007 (DeepREL) Deep Reinforcement Learning for Large and Complex Systems University of Malta €49,974
REP-2021-008 (SEA2F) Investigating the Thermal Performance of Subsea Energy Storage Accumulators with a 2-Phase Fluid transition University of Malta €49,940
REP-2021-011 (ReCombiCML) Re-sensitisation of Imatinib-Resistant Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia using Combination Therapy University of Malta €49,811
REP-2021-012 (MetaBone) Metabolomics to identify novel biomarkers for Bone disease University of Malta €49,867
REP-2021-014 (RLH) Re-Live History Saint Martin’s Education Services Limited €46,792
REP-2021-016 (DIAMYLOID) An Anti-Amyloid Approach for Treating Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus University of Malta €49,998
REP-2021-021 (MolNET) Molecular switch underpinning Neuroendocrine Transdifferentiation in malignant neoplasms Mater Dei Hospital €49,533
REP-2021-027 (PIXBRUSH) Pixels Brushing Software Tools for Drones PIXAM Limited €50,000
REP-2021-033 (MAtics) Museum Analytics Sey Travel Limited €44,560


Projects Awarded 2020

Project Reference Title Beneficiaries Granted Amount ()
REP-2020-001 (ACTIPEP) Methodology for the production of active pharmaceutical peptides University of Malta €50,000
REP-2020-005 (BOB) BOundaries of the Brain: A data-driven assessment of functional boundaries in the cerebral cortex University of Malta €49,999
REP-2020-006 (CanEpiRisk) Cannabinoids in Epilepsy: A health risk, a new treatment in Absence Seizures, or both? University of Malta €49,972
REP-2020-009 (EDGE) Endemic De novo GEnomes University of Malta €48,950
REP-2020-011 (GeOM) Unravelling the Genetic determinants of Familial Osteoporosis in Malta University of Malta €49,996
REP-2020-013 (ISADD) Development of an Integrated Simulation and Assessment in Donning and Doffing for Healthcare Professionals Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology €38,977
REP-2020-017 (MISAM) Malta’s Introduction of Shared Autonomous Mobility University of Malta €49,982

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