Tracking Career Pathways of PhD Holders – 2020 Survey Project Report

Doctorate holders are particularly important to research and innovation because of their deep, field-specific knowledge and advanced training in the analytical skills necessary to push knowledge beyond its current boundaries. A study was undertaken by the Malta Council for Science and Technology to understand the career paths and trajectories of PhD holders. The aim of the study is to provide decision makers, policy makers and science stakeholders, with a better evidence base in terms of research and non-research careers and to collect evidence which will help funding organisations evaluate the impact of schemes supporting research career development.

The target population of the study was PhD holders working in Malta and PhD holders who have studied in Malta or are Maltese citizens currently living and working abroad. Data was collected through an online questionnaire covering various topics, including doctorate education and post-doctoral positions, career related experience, international mobility and future career plans.

The report provides interesting insights into the rationales of career decisions made by PhD holders, their level of job satisfaction and their future plans. The report also provides recommendations for future surveys on this topic, such that policy makers can retain a good understanding of what drives graduates to pursue their studies towards doctorates and their later career choices.

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This article was last updated on: March 4, 2022