Call for collaboration for access to screening facilities for rationally selected compounds against SARS-CoV-2


Background: Exscalate4CoV (acronym E4C) is an EU-funded project that was selected after the emergency Call of expression of interest that the European Commission (DG RTD) issued on 31 January. The project will receive a 3 million EUR of EU funding in the next 18 months. It is consisting of a coalition of three of the most powerful supercomputing centres in the EU (CINECA in Italy, Barcelona supercomputing centre in Spain and Jülich supercomputing centre in Germany) together with a pharmaceutical company and several large Institutes dealing with biology and bio-molecular dynamics. The E4C team use supercomputers in the search of a therapies (small molecule drugs) against SARS-CoV-2 by complementing the classical trial and error clinical approach and possible experimentation in patients, by comparing the signature of the protein of the virus against active molecules that are used in existing databases of compounds. The project is currently processing digital models of the protein of the virus and is matching them against a publicly available database of thousands of known active antimolecules that are part of existing drugs with the aim to find out which combinations of active molecules could react to the virus.

The E4C project is also establishing a pipeline of phenotypic and target based screens to evaluate the efficacy of repurposed, commercial and de-novo designed compounds.

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Press Statement by the Parliamentary Secretary for Financial Services and Digital Economy and The Malta Council for Science and Technology

Thursday 12th March, 2020

After discussions held between the Parliamentary Secretary for Financial Services and Digital Economy Clayton Bartolo and the Executive Chairman of the Malta Council for Science and Technology Dr. Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando, it was decided that Esplora Interactive Science Centre will shut its doors temporarily with immediate effect until further notice.



Il-Ħamis, 12 ta’ Marzu 2020

Il-kumpless Esplora temporanjament magħluq għall-viżitaturi

Wara diskussjonijiet bejn is-Segretarju Parlamentari għas-Servizzi Finanzjarji u l-Ekonomija Diġitali Clayton Bartolo u ċ-Ċermen Eżekuttiv tal-Kunsill Malti għax-Xjenza u t-Teknoloġija Dr. Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando ġie deċiż li jingħalaq temporanjament il-kumpless Esplora b’effett immedjat sakemm joħroġ avviż ieħor.




The Malta Council for Science and Technology would like to announce that it is currently receiving project proposals under the FUSION Technology Development Programme.

• The call closes at midnight on Monday 20th April 2020.

• This call provides financial support for research, development and innovation preferably within the SMART Specialisation Areas identified in Malta’s National Research and Innovation Strategy 2020. The focus is on innovative research, knowledge transfer and establishing collaborations between (1) Public Entities and (2) Industry with the intention of commercialising the technology developed.

• More information on this opportunity for funding, the eligibility criteria, the rules for participation and the application form, can be found in the attachments below.

• Further information can be obtained by email on keeping and in copy.

TDP 2020 Call 2 Rules for Participation de minimis Option A

TDP 2020 Call 1 Rules for Participation non state aid Option B (002)_i (003)_FINAL2

TDP Proposal Application Form 2020 Call 1



Press Release – JRC Young Scientist

Press Release – JRC Young Scientist

Press release

Two young scientists from Malta showcase their work at JRC Seville, Spain

The winners of the Malta Young Scientist Award 2019 visited the JRC site in Seville to showcase their own work in January 2020. This study trip was the prize of the Malta Young Scientist Award, organised by the Malta Council for Science and Technology (MCST).

Ms. Alison Zammit and Dr. Ing. Brian Azzopardi, Senior Lecturers at the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology, were the winners of the Malta Young Scientist Award. They had the opportunity to present their work during a two-day study trip to the Seville Site of the European Commission Joint Research Centre (JRC) within the Economics of Climate Change, Energy and Transport Unit. The scientists were accompanied by Dr. Melchior Cini, the JRC’s Maltese National Contact Point at MCST.

The call for scientists for the Malta Young Scientist Award took place in September 2019. The winners were ultimately selected by JRC, after a two-phase process organised by MCST, which involved an application screening and an interview. The costs of two-days study trip were fully covered by the JRC and MCST.

The scientific activities of the winners covered the fields of water resource management (Ms. Alison Zammit), and energy economics and informatics (Dr. Ing. Brian Azzopardi). During their experience in Seville, the Maltese scientists had the opportunity to promote their work as young scientist within an international context, shadow JRC scientists working in their fields of interest and discuss their own work as well as the projects and activities undertaken by the JRC.

While at the JRC, the young researchers were mentored by senior JRC researchers in the fields of carbon mitigation and pollution contaminants, transport management and electrification and energy transition. This study trip was the second of its kind for Maltese researchers. The visits by young scientists are promoted by the JRC to enhance collaboration with some among the most prominent young scientists in Malta.

The Malta Young Scientist Award is an initiative of the Malta Council for Science and Technology (MCST), which aims to showcase the work of Maltese Scientists to the JRC.



PRIMA Proposal Writing Assistance Scheme 2020

PRIMA Proposal Writing Assistance Scheme 2020

PRIMA Proposal Writing Assistance Scheme 2020


This scheme has been launched to provide opportunities for entities, intending to submit a PRIMA pre-/ full proposal as a coordinator of a consortium, to engage a service provider who can support them through the pre- / full proposal writing and/or submission stages.

Please access the State Aid Rules for Participation (updated) and Non State Aid Rules for Participation or contact MCST on for more information.

Please download the Application Form_v2 (pre-proposal phase) and de Minimis declaration form.

Applicants that deem their application as having no State Aid implications are requested to contact the Council on

Funding Opportunity: PRIMA Calls 2020

Funding Opportunity: PRIMA Calls 2020

Funding Opportunity: PRIMA Calls 2020 are now launched 


PRIMA – Partnership for R&I in the Mediterranean – facilitates collaborative R&I in the areas of Water Management, Farming Systems and Agro-Food Chains. PRIMA operates under two main lines of funding – Section 1 and Section 2. Section 1 Calls are funded directly by the European Commission whilst Section 2 Calls are funded directly by the countries participating in PRIMA.

The following topics under Section 2 will be eligible for funding :

Thematic Area 1: Water Management

  • Topic 2.1.1 Low cost, lean solutions for enhancing irrigation efficiency of small-scale farms

Thematic Area 2: Farming Systems

  • Topic 2.2.1 Re-design the agro-livelihood systems to ensure resilience

Thematic Area 3: Agro-food Value Chain

  • Topic 2.3.1 New optimization models of the agro food supply chain system to fair price for consumers and reasonable profit share for farmers

For more information on the eligible topics for Section 1, please visit this link.  

AcademicIndustrial and Public entities residing in Malta are eligible for funding under the Section 2 calls, with the option of requesting up to 500,000 euros to participate in a PRIMA proposal consortium (N.B. if more than one National partner is present in one consortium, the total amount of funding for the participating National partners cannot exceed the 500,000 euros capping).

Please consult the Section 2 Call Text and the National Rules for Participation (State Aid)_v2 / National Rules for Participation (non-State Aid)_v2 for more information.

Pre-proposal submission deadline – 15th April 2020 at 5pm Barcelona Time

Apart from the pre-proposal submission by the Project Coordinatior on the PRIMA submission platform, each National applicant shall be required to submit a National Application Form to by 15th April 2020 at 23:59 CET. Please access the National Application Form together with its corresponding Annex I and Annex II, II.i & III.

For further information, please contact MCST on / 00356 23602241

PRIMA website –



The Malta Council for Science and Technology is inviting experienced researcher to apply for the Individual Fellowship Training Scheme for Incoming Postdocs to Malta (IF2MT).

The Scheme supports travel and accommodation expenses for experienced researchers willing to submit a proposal with Maltese entity host (Beneficiary) for the MSCA Individual Fellowship call with deadline the 9th September 2020 (MSCA-IF-2020). The support will be in the form of a lump sum grant and it is for the participation of the researchers in the one-day MSCA Individual Fellowship training that will be held on 24th April 2020 in Malta. All experienced researchers, from any nationality and any age, that meet the eligibility and mobility conditions, may apply through this scheme.

Applicants may submit the requested documents any time as from 11th February 2020 until noon on 31st March 2020. Applications will be processed on first come first served basis, until funds are exhausted.


IF2MT Application form
IF2MT Call for Applications

2020 Commercialisation Voucher Programme Call One

2020 Commercialisation Voucher Programme Call One

The Malta Council for Science and Technology is inviting new applications for funding under the FUSION Commercialisation Voucher Programme.

The call opened on the 13th January 2020 and the deadline is midnight on the 24th February 2020.

The Commercialisation Voucher Programme is another instrument aimed at bridging the existing gap in the R&I framework as well as improving the overall development and commercialization potential of innovative ideas. This Programme is to act as a demand side measure and entice user driven innovation, with the ultimate aim of increasing research, technological development and innovation activities, which can eventually be implemented in industry. The Vouchers are primarily intended to assist prospective applicants of the FUSION Technology Development Programme in order to prepare themselves better in terms of project proposal and validation. In some cases it may also assist beneficiaries of previous or current R&I Programmes as well as projects funded through the European Programmes. Submission, evaluation and selection of application will be in the form of a one-stage process in which a legal representative of the applicant will be asked to submit all the necessary information, to enable a decision on acceptance or rejection. The Commercialisation Vouchers are subject to a Scientific Evaluation and priority will be given to the Smart Specialisation Areas. State Aid rules apply.

Interested parties should submit their application form electronically to with “CVP 2020 Call 1 Application” as a subject. The Application must be dated, signed and initialised (stamped or signed) on each page by the legal representative.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure the timely and correct delivery of the application to the Council. It should be noted that emails larger than 6MB shall be automatically rejected by the system. File sharing software are limited to wetransfer or dropbox. All received applications shall be acknowledged by email or in writing.

Note to applicant: -The application form follows a pre-determined editable pdf template with fixed font and margin size. -Altering the parameters of the template will automatically lead to disqualification. Text should not exceed the printable area of the text boxes. -Annex I is to be used to include a clear diagrammatic representation of how the project will go beyond the state-of-the-art. Annex I should be stamped or signed by the applicant and scanned together with the application form. -Annex II is to be used to include a reference list with full citations for each item. Annex 2 should be stamped or signed by the applicant and scanned together with the application form. -Additional information pertaining to guidelines, rules, procedures and the application form can be found in the documents attached with this call.

Note: Please note that following clarifications, we have uploaded a new version of the rules and application form.


  1. 01. FUSION CVP Rules for Participation deminimis option a
  2. 02. FUSION CVP Rules for Participation non state aid option b
  3. Activity Guidelines
  4. VAT Form
  5. 05. Fusion CVP Application Form
  6. Annex 1
  7. Annex 2