Horizon Prize on Materials for Clean Air

On 16 April 2015, the European Commission has launched the Horizon Prize on Materials for Clean Air.

What is the Prize about ?

 The Prize offers €3 million to the person or team that develops at least a working prototype in operational environment of an innovative design-driven material solution to reduce air pollution in cities.

The objective is to stop the adverse effects of particulate matter on human health, climate change and ecosystems. The material solution can be made of any chemical substance (e.g. plastic, concrete, asphalt,…).

Solutions that focus on the removal of particulate matter at direct source, e.g. from vehicle or other combustion exhausts, flues or equivalent are excluded.

Find out more in the press release.

What is the timeline for this Prize ? 

Publication of the call : 16 April  2015

Opening of the submission in SEP : 26 January 2017

Submission deadline : 23 January 2018

Prize Award Ceremony : 2018


The proposal template is already available on the Participant Portal.

 What are our main communication objectives?


  • Attract as many high quality submissions as possible by raising awareness among researchers, companies, universities and any other possible contestants about the new opportunities offered by the prizes: material scientists and engineers, specialised in design and/or air pollution; National Design Councils/centres, Materials libraries, product designers and industrial designers, engineering and fabric designers, artists, etc.
  • Raise awareness among the wider audience on the issues the Commission is trying to solve through these prizes (EU’s commitment to trigger solutions to real-world issues) and on the solutions developed.


Materials for Clean Air

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