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PRIMA Section 2 includes indirect actions funded by PRIMA Participating States (PS) following transnational calls organized by PRIMA-IS.

Activities are evaluated and selected based on rules which are analogous to the Rules for Participation of Horizon 2020, following open calls for proposals centrally organised by the PRIMA-IS. Such activities are funded in line with common principles.

More detailed information on the PRIMA activities can be found in the latest Annual Work Plan.

Grant agreements will be signed between participants and by relevant national funding bodies in accordance with national rules.

In Section 2, PRIMA supports Research and Innovation Activities (RIA) based on national rules.

Technology Readiness Levels depend on national funding regulations.

For more information, please contact MCST on or +356 2360 2175.

Success Story – Project SIMTAP
Call Snapshot
FundingPS - Participating States
Call LaunchQ1 (January)
Consortium Eligibility4 independent legal entities from 3 different PRIMA-PS. - At least one EU member state or a third country associated to Horizon 2020 and not being a MPC. - At least two must be established in a third country bordering the Mediterranean Sea (MPC).
Project Duration36 months
MCST Allocated Budget€500,000
StagesTwo-Stage Call

Call 2023  National Rules     Non-State Aid Rules     Application Form

Call 2022  National Rules     Non-State Aid Rules     Application Form

Call 2021  National Rules     Non-State Aid Rules     Application Form

Call 2020  National Rules     Non-State Aid Rules     Application Form

Call 2019  National Rules                                                Application Form

Call 2018  National Rules

Project Briefs:

The PRIMA Programme is supported by the European Union.


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