Funding Opportunity: PRIMA Calls 2020

Funding Opportunity: PRIMA Calls 2020 are now launched – CLOSED


PRIMA – Partnership for R&I in the Mediterranean – facilitates collaborative R&I in the areas of Water Management, Farming Systems and Agro-Food Chains. PRIMA operates under two main lines of funding – Section 1 and Section 2. Section 1 Calls are funded directly by the European Commission whilst Section 2 Calls are funded directly by the countries participating in PRIMA.

The following topics under Section 2 will be eligible for funding :

Thematic Area 1: Water Management

  • Topic 2.1.1 Low cost, lean solutions for enhancing irrigation efficiency of small-scale farms

Thematic Area 2: Farming Systems

  • Topic 2.2.1 Re-design the agro-livelihood systems to ensure resilience

Thematic Area 3: Agro-food Value Chain

  • Topic 2.3.1 New optimization models of the agro food supply chain system to fair price for consumers and reasonable profit share for farmers

For more information on the eligible topics for Section 1, please visit this link.  

AcademicIndustrial and Public entities residing in Malta are eligible for funding under the Section 2 calls, with the option of requesting up to 500,000 euros to participate in a PRIMA proposal consortium (N.B. if more than one National partner is present in one consortium, the total amount of funding for the participating National partners cannot exceed the 500,000 euros capping).

Please consult the Section 2 Call Text and the National Rules for Participation (State Aid)_v2 / National Rules for Participation (non-State Aid)_v2 for more information.

Pre-proposal submission deadline – 13th May 2020 at 5pm Barcelona Time – EXTENDED

Apart from the pre-proposal submission by the Project Coordinatior on the PRIMA submission platform, each National applicant shall be required to submit a National Application Form to by 13th May 2020 at 23:59 CET. Please access the National Application Form together with its corresponding Annex I and Annex II, II.i & III.

For further information, please contact MCST on / 00356 23602241

PRIMA website –



Funding Opportunity: PRIMA Call for Proposals 2019 – CLOSED


The new PRIMA Section 2 Call has just been launched!


The following topics under each of the three thematic areas of PRIMA will be eligible for funding:


Thematic Area 1: Management of Water

  • Topic 2.1.1 Bridging the gap between potential and actual irrigation performance in the Mediterranean
  • Topic 2.1.2 Management of low-quality waters under water scarcity and climate change conditions


Thematic Area 2: Farming Systems

  • Topic 2.2.1 Small scale farming systems innovation
  • Topic 2.2.2 Use and management of biodiversity as a major lever of sustainability in farming systems


Thematic Area 3: Agro-food Value Chain

  • Topic 2.3.1 Extending shelf-life of perishable Mediterranean food products by sustainable technologies and logisitics and by optimised pest and microbial control
  • Topic 2.3.2 Enhancing horizontal and vertical integration of Mediterranean agro-food value-chains to foster innovation and sustainability


Please consult the Call website and the National Rules for Participation for more information.


Please also find the National Application Form together with Annex I and Annexes II.i, II.ii and III.


For further information, please contact Corinne Muscat Terribile – / 00356 23602152


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