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The Technology Development Programme is another programme within FUSION, with the aim of providing state financing in the form of grants for research, development and innovation in science and technology. The focus of the Programme is to fund the actual development of the research and innovation proposal with the possibility of having a prototype of the proposed solution. The Technology Development Programme will build on the outcome of the two stages of the Commercialisation Voucher Programme. This requirement would ensure that the research proposal is indeed dealing with something new or an improvement of something which is already in existence. In addition it will also provide the extent to which the idea is commercially viable and whether it could make it to the market. An applicant with a positive outcome in both stages of the Commercialisation Voucher Programme, will have a better probability of making it through the evaluation process of this Programme.

*These are optional vouchers which can only be redeemed once a project successfully qualifies for Technology Development Programme Funds

This article was last updated on: May 5, 2023