Meeting with Potential Investors

The aim of this activity is to prepare the technologist and inventor to meet the potential investors which might be interested in the idea. It will assist the inventor to find the right opportunities where the technology/product developed can be showcased.

Through this activity the technologist should be prepared with an elevator pitch where the technologist is confident with a strong short summary that could be used to quickly and simply define the technologist and the technology/product being put forward. This should be strong enough in the sense that it can attract the interest of an investor.

The Commercialisation Voucher Programme would facilitate the process by finding the most appropriate medium, such as fairs, in which the technology/product could be presented and organise the eventual participation. Necessary meetings with particular and interested investors, locally and/or abroad will be organised and coordinated.

At this stage it is vital that the invention is protected and can be disclosed. In this regard the necessary guidance will be provided to the technologist.

This article was last updated on: September 22, 2017