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ERA-NET Cofund on the Blue Bioeconomy

The ERA-NET Cofund on the Blue Bioeconomy is the result of a collaboration between JPI Oceans and the former ERA-NETS COFASP and ERA MBT and consists of 27 partners from 16 countries, including Malta.

The main objective of this Cofund is to establish a coordinated R&D funding scheme that will strengthen Europe’s position in the blue bioeconomy. The first co-funded call was launched on 17th December 2018 with a total budget of 30 million euros.

The goal is to identify new and improve existing ways of bringing bio-based products and services to the market and find new ways of creating value from in the blue bioeconomy. Next to the co-funded call, the COFUND plans to contribute to the national priorities as well as to the strategic research agenda of JPI Oceans, and the ERA-NETs COFASP and MBT.

The main areas addressed include:

  • developing innovative uses of underutilised and waste material from fisheries and aquaculture
  • using biotechnology and ICT to develop smart, efficient, traceable food systems and create synergies between aquaculture and fisheries (genetic assessment and digitalisation)
  • unlock potential of microbiomes to support growth in aquaculture, fisheries and food processing and biotechnology; apply the latest developments in ICT (IoT, machine learning, big data) to the Blue Bioeconomy
  • creating predictive tools to improve the identification and targeting of biodiversity “hot-spots” in the oceans (omics based technologies)
  • exploring synergies with land-based production in areas such as food and feed production and processing, biorefining, bioenergy, biomaterials, chemicals and nutrients and maximise the use of aquatic bioresources in terrestrial value chains
  • improving aquaculture and wild harvesting of stocks by support for the creation of innovative feeds, improved brood stocks, by introducing new species, defining stock baselines, and assessing stocks and by encouraging the adoption of novel production technologies

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Project Coordinator: Giorgos Markou

Consortium Partners:

BMRS – Bantry Marine Research Station, Ireland

G-FISH, Greece

NA – Istituto Sperimentale Italiano Lazzaro Spallanzani, Italy

ATB – Leibniz Institute for Agricultural, Quality and Safety of Food and Feed, Germany

NA – Teagasc Food Research Centre, Ireland

UAL – University of Almeria, Spain

UoM – University of Malta, Malta

NAGREF – National Agricultural Research Foundation, Greece

Project Abstract

The aim of AquaTech4Feed is to formulate novel fish feed from alternative proteinaceous biomass sources, such as algae, duckweed, insects and microbiomes (bioflocs) in order to improve fish production and product quality. AquaTech4Feed will develop a novel sustainable aquaculture production process based on the production of proteinaceous feed utilizing aquaculture wastewater and wastes. The production process will consist of a closed recirculation system for recycling of nutrients and water for improved biosafety. New technologies and methods will be applied in order to ensure that the novel feeds are safe to be utilized in the feeding process. The project includes feeding trials with lumpfish, salmon and sea bream in order to assess fish production and to define production and quality benchmarks.

Project Start: 15th May 2020

Duration: 36 months

Project Budget: € 1,493,636

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This article was last updated on: February 24, 2021