Satellite Solutions for Smart Islands Conference – 12 November 2015, Malta

Through its Space Directorate, the Malta Council for Science and Technology is co-organising the Satellite Solutions for Smarter Islands Conference, which is to be held in Malta on the 12 November 2015. This one-day event is organised in collaboration with Eurisy, an association of European space agencies which, for the past 25 years, focused on bridging the gap between society and satellite technologies.

With the involvement of various high profile partners, including the European Space Agency, the conference aims at raising awareness of emerging satellite applications that may help professional communities, particularly those within island economies. This conference will discuss how island economies can leverage Europe’s investments in satellite services to boost their economy and live up to current environmental and socio-economic challenges.

Stephen Grixti, Space and Related Technologies Executive, MCST – 10 September 2015 Islands can prove to be real labs for ICT-driven innovation. They are small and flexible. This means they can test ideas fast and implement only the best of them. Islands are confronted with specific needs – whether due to their remoteness, their vulnerability to climate change, or the scarcity of their resources. Such challenges call for creative solutions. Big data, connectivity and location technologies – including those based on satellites – are some of the building blocks of such a digital economy.