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The “Go to Market” programme will form part of the existing national funds program FUSION which is administered by the Maltese Council for Science and Technology. The “Go To Market” program will serve as a conclusion to the development cycle of new technologies promoted under FUSION. Moreover, the “Go To Market” programme will continue to build on the innovations that have been developed by Maltese researchers during the FUSION Technology Development Program. This support measure is designed to lead to the final commercial release of these technologies in the global market. The Maltese Development Bank (MDB) was fundamental in the implementation of this scheme providing both an existing framework and knowledge to ensure that a scheme with an appropriate and effective design is created. The “Go To Market” scheme will consist of two separate programs;

  • The “Accelerator Program” and the “Loan Assistance Program”. The “Accelerator Program” will provide a grant to beneficiaries who have completed the TDP program so that they can validate their new product or service and optimize it for the market.
  • The “Loan Assistance Program” is a new scheme of “blended finance” which aims to address the market failures when making the jump towards the marketing of a product or service. This new program designed to address this gap so that the chain of FUSION programs has closed it from research in the initial stages to production. These initiatives are expected to increase the interest in financing loans to Maltese innovators and investors in the market of new and innovative products.

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This article was last updated on: July 11, 2023