The R&I FUSION Programme


FUSION, a National Funding Programme, is supported through Malta Government funds and managed by the Malta Council for Science and Technology. The programme will run from 2014 to 2020. The main objectives of FUSION are: to raise the level and profile of locally funded research; to ingrain research and innovation at the heart of the Maltese economy; to spur knowledge-driven and value-added growth and to sustain improvements in the quality of life. This, by translating research results into commercial activities that generate a multiplier effect on the economy at large.   This vision also enables projects to increase Malta’s competitiveness in priority industries by enabling additional high-value, knowledge-intensive employment in Malta’s priority industries. In addition, research and innovation will create further opportunities for highly qualified graduates within the industry which will, in turn, generate other graduate opportunities in the long term.

FUSION also provides the form in which public and private enterprises invest in more innovative, eco-efficient products and services. This, in turn, enables the Maltese economy to become more resource-efficient, competitive and attractive to foreign investors.

Budget: €2.2 million per year


Timelines: Two calls per year. FUSION CVP: January and May, FUSION TDP: March and October

Eligible entities: Maltese Public and Industrial Entities  


Participation Criteria:


CVP: One Main Entity: Maltese Public Entity (100% reimbursable incl. VAT ie. €20,060) or Maltese Industrial Entity (75% reimbursable excl. VAT ie. €12,750).


TDP: Consortium: At least one Maltese Public Entity (100% funded) and one Maltese Industrial Entity (75% funded). Overall portion of funding for any individual Partner shall be limited to 75% of the project grant. Project grant – maximum of €195,000 + €5,000 (dissemination).


Optional Vouchers: TDP Consortium Coordinator. Maltese Public Entity (100% reimbursable incl. VAT ie. €28,320) or Maltese Industrial Entity (75% reimbursable excl. VAT ie. €18,000). FUSION operates under De Minimis Aid – a single undertaking cannot receive more than €200,000 in aid over any 3-year period.

This article was last updated on: April 28, 2020