The National STEM Awards 2021


In May 2021, Esplora Interactive Science Centre will be hosting the first edition of the National STEM Awards.

The National STEM Awards are an initiative of the STEM Engagement Working Group, which is chaired by Esplora and brings together members from the Malta Council for Science and Technology, University of Malta, Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology, Ministry for Education, Institute for Education, JobsPlus, National Skills Council and

These awards, in their various singular categories and overarching similarities, are intended to honour, through recognition and acknowledgement, those persons, and entities who with their display of ability via personal expression, brought forth an awareness of the STEM pillars to the local situation and in some cases, beyond, out to global.

For the purpose of these Awards, STEM subjects are understood as life sciences, physical sciences including earth sciences, mathematics, IT, engineering and environmental science.


The 2021 National STEM Awards will be awarded for the following Categories:

  1. Best Primary Class Teacher Award for Inspiring Children in STEM
  2. Best Secondary School Teacher Award for Contribution to STEM
  3. Lifetime Award for Contribution to STEM
  4. Young Researcher Award
  5. Award for Engaged Researcher
  6. Women in STEM Award
  7. STEM Ambassador Award
  8. Best STEM Employer Award
  9. Best STEM Community Project Award
  10. Best STEAM Project Award (People’s Choice)


For more information relating to general conditions for the nomination, eligibility and evaluation criteria and evaluation and adjudication please refer to


The Call for Nominations will close on the 28th February 2021 and the deadline for submission of nominee forms is 15th March.

The National STEM Awards ceremony will take place at Esplora on the 9th July 2021 and will be by invitation only.

This article was last updated on: May 19, 2021