The Malta Council for Science and Technology (MCST) and the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) of the People’s Republic of China would like to announce that the SINO-MALTA Fund 2024 Joint Call for Project Proposals is now open for Malta-based applicants. The SINO-MALTA Fund supports research, development, and innovation projects between Malta-based and China-based researchers.

For the SINO-MALTA 2024 Joint Call, the eligible Thematic Areas are:

  1. Health, with a focus on:
    • Cancer,
    • Cellular therapy,
    • Drug development,
    • Traditional Chinese Medicine,
    • Digital tools to support healthcare.
  2. Green and Blue Economy Transitions, with a focus on:
    • Renewable energy,
    • Sustainable mobility,
    • Smart manufacturing,
    • Marine and Maritime technologies.
  3. Digital technologies,
    • Digital technologies may remain general as a theme,
    • Digital technologies as a cross-cutting theme may be equally supported.

Proposal Deadline: 19th July 2024, 23:59 CET

The submission process for the 2024 Call will follow a one-stage process that allows for Malta-based applicants to find China-based partners to collaborate and submit a full proposal that describes the state of the art, methodology, implementation, and foreseen outcomes.

Eligible undertakings (State Aid) as well as Public entities and Public Research & Knowledge Dissemination Organisations (Non-State Aid) that do not carry out an economic activity within the meaning of Article 107 TFEU (Non-State Aid) can request up to EUR 200,000 and will need to adhere to the National Rules for Participation. The total budget for this call is EUR 1,200,000 for up to 6 projects, for Maltese consortia. The National Rules can be accessed through the relevant hyperlink.

Each applicant is required to apply using the Application Form,  and the relevant corresponding annexes that can be accessed from the MCST Resource Page.

Interested applicants are invited to make use of plumtri’s matchmaking SINO-MALTA Fund 2024 Call page by registering interest here. Applicants are also invited to make use of plumtri’s partner search tool here.

Queries may be forwarded to the Malta Council for Science and Technology (MCST) on

An online info session for Malta-based entities was held on 3rd June 2024:

Click here to download the presentation in pdf version.

Click here to download the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Please find the recording for Public Entities and RKDOs here below:

Please find the recording for Private Entities here below:

This article was last updated on: June 10, 2024