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Projects Awarded for 2021 Call

Reference NumberAcronymProject TitleBeneficiaryGrant Amount
R&I-2021-001LEpigAemiaUsing epigenetic Modifiers to Sensitise Acute Myeloid Leukemia to Retinoic AcidUniversity of Malta € 142,691.00
R&I-2021-005LIrrigoptimalA new integrated operational management system based on Artificial Intelligence to tackle water scarcity Westrade Ltd. € 137,137.00
R&I-2021-006LSMTBA battery powered, remote electricity scheduling and control system using LPWAN Technology IoTSoltuions Ltd. € 94,750.00
R&I-2021-008LPharma-IPSCsDeveloping iPSCell lines for use in research and pharmaceutical industries’University of Malta€ 149,999.00
R&I-2021-013LrePET3DDevelopment of an upgrade to our novel FDM 3D printer head (ORQA) that makes printing with recycled PET filament more competitiveLaser Development and Engineering Malta Ltd. € 126,599.00

This article was last updated on: June 3, 2022