The Malta Council for Science and Technology (MCST) and the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) of the People’s Republic of China would like to announce that the SINO-MALTA Fund 2022 Joint Call for Project Proposals is now open. The SINO-MALTA Fund supports research, development, and innovation projects between Maltese and Chinese researchers.

For the SINO-MALTA 2022 Joint Call, the eligible Thematic Areas are:

  • Digital Technologies
  • Health
  • Green Transitions

Stage 1 Pre-Proposal Deadline: 30th June, 23:59 CET

Application follows a two-stage submission process. At pre-proposal stage, applicants are given the opportunity to find Chinese partners to collaborate and work on a common research idea. The full-proposal stage will then allow further elaboration on the state of the art, methodology, implementation, and foreseen outcomes.

Eligible undertakings (State Aid) as well as Public entities and Public Research & Knowledge Dissemination Organisations that do not carry out an economic activity within the meaning of Article 107 TFEU (Non-State Aid) can request up to EUR 200,000 and will need to adhere to the National Rules for Participation. The total budget for this call is EUR 600,000. The National Rules can be accessed through the relevant hyperlink.

Each applicant is required to apply using the Application Form along with any pertinent annexes and submit all documentation by the deadline to: Please access the Application Form and the following annexes through the hyperlinks: Annex IAnnex IIAnnex III, and Annex IV .

Interested applicants are invited to make use of plumtri’s matchmaking SINO-MALTA Fund 2022 Call page by registering interest here:

Queries may be forwarded to the Malta Council for Science and Technology (MCST) on

An online info session for Malta-based entities was held on 13th May 2022.

A presentation and a list of frequently asked questions were shared.

It should be noted that emails larger than 6MB shall be automatically rejected by the system. The applicant may make use of cloud storage.

2021 National State Aid rules, Non-State Aid rules and Application Form 2021

2020 National State Aid rules,  Non-State Aid rules and Application Form 2020.

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