Commercialisation Voucher Programme

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The Commercialisation Voucher Programme offers financial support to researchers who want to improve, develop, and commercialise their technical as well as non-technical ideas. The Commercialisation Voucher system is to act as a demand side measure and is specifically designed to entice user driven innovation, with the aim of increasing research, technological development, and innovation activities for the eventual, industrial implementation thereof. Quite often, although enterprises may have original ideas, they might lack the in-house expertise and innovation management skills to perform the required research activities which enables them to eventually develop these ideas into new products and services. Moreover, their capacity to hire skilled people for innovative projects and activities may also be limited. All these factors preclude them from gaining access to external knowledge, a crucial element if they are to maintain their level of competitiveness. On the other hand, researchers often have the knowledge and technical expertise to transform a concept or idea into an innovative technology, product, or service however they require support to identify the market potential and commercialise their discovery. The FUSION Commercialisation Voucher Programme addresses both these issues by offering support to local researchers and enterprises. Furthermore, the Programme facilitates the access which businesses can have to external knowledge, and it ultimately improves their level of competitiveness. In addition, it helps researchers seek the market potential for their ideas. The Programme supports knowledge transfer between organizations and offers researchers the possibility to develop their ideas into products and/or services which have market applicability. The Commercialisation Vouchers are primarily intended to assist prospective applicants of the FUSION Technology Development Programme to better prepare themselves in terms of project proposal and validation. In some cases, it could also assist beneficiaries of previous R&I Programmes.

This article was last updated on: December 1, 2023