The Malta Council for Science and Technology (MCST) is working with the People’s Republic of China Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), to shortly launch a joint-collaborative research programme that will aim to:


i. Strengthen the scientific collaboration between the two countries and to increase the R&D activities;


ii. Facilitate the transfer of technology;


iii. Maintain a comprehensive, steady and long term cooperation through the support of researchers’ mobility, and the networking of industries, universities and research institutions to generate mutually beneficial win-win research.


Thus, Maltese and Chinese entities, will soon be able to collaborate on the submission of research proposals under the following thematic areas:


a) Maritime Services and/or Maritime Technology and/or Aquaculture


b) Transport


In preparation for this programme, MCST is inviting interested parties requiring support on partner-searches, to present their requirements to MCST. MCST will help Maltese entities, through the support of MOST, in finding suitable partners in China. Kindly refer to the attached notice.


Notice Malta-China Collaborative Research Projects