Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Malta)

The MCAST Energy within the Institute of Engineering and Transport is looking for highly motivated and creative Postdoctoral Research Fellow(s) in the fields of Electrical and Control Engineering, Electrical Power and Energy Systems, Integration of Photovoltaics (PVs) and Energy and Environmental Economics, who aspire to jointly and multidisciplinary address the range of research themes below with Mediterranean or Maltese attributes:

1. Focused PV integration technical solutions: Flexible technologies such as energy storage
2. Focused PV integration technical solutions: Smart-grid structures and tools including micro-grids
3. Future Electricity Markets with PVs: European regulatory framework and market design
4. Future Electricity Markets with PVs: Smart grids and ancillary services, and PV markets, forecasts and trends
5. Energy-Water Nexus, focus on PVs: Water to balance energy
6. Fusion of emerging PV technology development: Upscaling of emerging technology and On-site testing of devices
7. Driving habits and islands drive cycles
8. Electric vehicles integration considering distributed energy sources
9. Multi-modal full electric mobility
10.Market strategies and tourism in electric mobility
11.Examining Transport Energy Pathways in the Mediterranean

We offer a 2 year-term gross annual salary full-time package starting from € 30,100.

The Postdoctoral Research Fellow(s) will work in a truly international and with the world-leading group of researchers which will provide them with an excellent basis and a strong network for a future career in the field of Electrical Power and Energy Systems and Energy and Environmental Economics, in academia and research centres, the industry as well as governance.

Postdoctoral Research Fellow(s) will also enjoy some of the best mobility, training activities and resources within The University of Manchester in UK, The French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) in France, National Renewable Energy Centre (CENER) in Spain, The AIT Austrian Institute of Technology and ANEL Nicosia Development Agency in Cyprus as well as other partner institutions in exchange visits, internships, mentoring, schools, courses, lectures, conferences and meetings.

These positions are being funded by the European Commission H2020 TWINNING NEEMO (Networking for Excellence in Electric Mobility Operations) project under grant 857484 and JUMP2Excel (Joint Universal activities for Mediterranean PV integration Excellence) project under grant 810809, and the Malta Council for Science and Technology (MCST) 3DMgrid (Design, Development and Demonstration of a Smart MicroGrid) project under grant ENM-2016-002a and EDGEWISE (Energy and Water Systems Integration and Management) project under grant ENM-2016-001 through the ERANETMED initiative of Member States, Associated Countries and Mediterranean Partner Countries.

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This article was last updated on: June 17, 2020