Malta Intellectual Property Awards 2021

The Ministry for the Economy and Industry has launched the 12th edition of the Malta Intellectual Property Awards 2021, with a prize fund of €50,000.

These Awards, which are being organised by the Commerce Department, are intended to celebrate, promote and foster a spirit of innovation and creativity that can already be observed locally in various sectors.

The competition has the following main categories: The ‘Award for Creative Initiative’ in respect of works by individuals or enterprises operating in the cultural and creative sphere.

The ‘Award for Scientific Initiative’ which recognises science-based research findings which could result in a new product, a significant improvement of an existing product, a new use of an existing product or a new process. The ‘Award for Technological Initiative’ which focuses on new and innovative technological developments, aimed at addressing challenges faced by the commercial sector or society in general.

There is also a special prize for Emerging Innovators. Moreover, and in line with the theme of the World Intellectual Property Day, those projects who can show to the satisfaction of the selection committee how their project promotes preservation of the environment and efforts to tackle climate change will be eligible for an additional award.

Certificates and medals will also be awarded to winners eligible for recognition by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

This article was last updated on: September 28, 2021