Funding Opportunity: PRIMA Calls 2022

PRIMA Calls 2022 (CLOSED)

PRIMA – Partnership for R&I in the Mediterranean – facilitates collaborative R&I in the areas of Water ManagementFarming Systems and Agro-Food Chains. PRIMA operates under two main lines of funding – Section 1 and Section 2. Section 1 Calls are funded directly by the European Commission whilst Section 2 Calls are funded directly by the countries participating in PRIMA.

Project proposals address the following topics under Section 2 are eligible for funding:

Thematic Area 1: Water Management

  • Topic 2.1.1-2022 (RIA) Prevent and reduce land and water salinization and pollution due to agri-food activities.

Thematic Area 2: Farming Systems

  • Topic 2.2.1-2022 (RIA) Improving the sustainability of agro-pastoralism in the Mediterranean Region under the context of climate change.

Thematic Area 3: Food Value Chain

  • Topic 2.3.1-2022 (RIA) Enabling the transition to healthy and sustainable dietary behaviour.

For more information on the eligible topics for Section 1, please visit this link.

Entities established in Malta are eligible for funding under the Section 2 calls, with the option of requesting up to 500,000 euros to participate in a PRIMA proposal consortium (N.B. if more than one National partner is present in one consortium, the total amount of funding for the participating National partners cannot exceed the 500,000 euros capping).

Please consult the Section 2 Call Text 2022 and the National Rules for Participation (State Aid) / National Rules for Participation (non-State Aid) for more information.

Disclaimer: Thinking of involving an applicant(s) from Greece in a PRIMA project? For 2022, Section 2 applicants from Greece will not be funded by the Greek funding entity GSRT. For this reason, Greek applicants can only take part in the Section 2 Multi-topic Call using their own funds. Such applicants can however receive funding within the scope of Section 1 Calls.

Pre-proposal submission deadline – 22nd March 2022 at 17:00 CET

Apart from the pre-proposal submission by the Project Coordinator on Electronic Submission Platform that can be accessed via the PRIMA website, each National applicant shall be required to submit a National Application Form to by 22nd March 2022 at 23:59 CET. Please access the National Application Form together with its corresponding Annex I , Annex II (Annex II Guide), Annex III, Annex IV and Annex V.

Applicants who wish to coordinate a project addressing any of the Section 1 or Section 2 topics, may engage a service who can support them through the pre- / full proposal writing and/or submission stages. Please visit this link for more information.

For further information, please contact MCST on / 0035623602175

PRIMA website –

As part of the PRIMA Widening initiative, Malta-based partners may be asked to join already-established consortia that have been invited to Stage 2 of the Call process by PRIMA. Prospective Malta-based applicants to the PRIMA Widening Initiative will need to fulfil all eligibility criteria outlined in the National Rules (State Aid and Non State Aid), similar to any Stage 1 applicants. Malta-based partners that are invited to participate in this initiative by foreign coordinators need to get in touch with MCST to ensure eligibility and that they submit all necessary documents requested by MCST. The full proposal submission deadline is the 13th September 2022 23:59 CEST.

This article was last updated on: August 26, 2022