Funding Opportunity: PRIMA Call for Proposals 2019


The new PRIMA Section 2 Call has just been launched!


The following topics under each of the three thematic areas of PRIMA will be eligible for funding:


Thematic Area 1: Management of Water

  • Topic 2.1.1 Bridging the gap between potential and actual irrigation performance in the Mediterranean
  • Topic 2.1.2 Management of low-quality waters under water scarcity and climate change conditions


Thematic Area 2: Farming Systems

  • Topic 2.2.1 Small scale farming systems innovation
  • Topic 2.2.2 Use and management of biodiversity as a major lever of sustainability in farming systems


Thematic Area 3: Agro-food Value Chain

  • Topic 2.3.1 Extending shelf-life of perishable Mediterranean food products by sustainable technologies and logisitics and by optimised pest and microbial control
  • Topic 2.3.2 Enhancing horizontal and vertical integration of Mediterranean agro-food value-chains to foster innovation and sustainability


Please consult the Call website and the National Rules for Participation for more information.


Please also find the National Application Form together with Annex I and Annexes II.i, II.ii and III.


For further information, please contact Corinne Muscat Terribile – / 00356 23602152