Project name: Mobile Separator System with Recycling for Nine Livestock Farms in Gozo Entity: Farm Owners Group & Services Ltd.
Funding: €131,739
Abstract:  A group of farmers, the majority of whom are cattle livestock breeders, will aim to improve the management of livestock slurry and making this economically and environmentally sustainable. The project shall focus on resorting to a mobile system for different livestock farms so as to best address the pressing concern of space issues while, at the same time, taking advantage of short distances. It will be investigated if, the use of a mobile manure press separator for solid-liquid separation of livestock manure, with the removal of organic and inorganic particulate solids from the slurry, shall prove a practical solution for livestock farmers. Subsequent filtration of the liquid effluent is expected to render this suitable for irrigation while the compressing of dried manure will result in flammable material that can be used to generate heat through a piping and fan system. Liquid samples shall also be collected for analysis to determine filtering efficiency.
Project name: Assessing cutting edge pig slurry treatment technologies for Malta within the principle of a circular economy Entity: C & F Enterprises Ltd./Cavalier Trust Services Ltd.
Funding: €149,333
Abstract: This project deals specifically with the treatment of pig manure on farms. The aim is to treat pig slurry cost effectively using environmentally friendly processes to mitigate the negative impact that current practices have when it comes to the disposal of pig manure. The project will test a series of technologies, currently being commercialised but already available for testing on EU farms, which are specifically designed for small holdings. If successful, this project will reduce the environmental footprint of pig breeding in Malta, make the farms more compliant with local legislation, reduce the costs for the pig breeder for having to ferry large volumes of slurry by road tanker and potentially recover valuable by-products for the local market. Once on-farm testing is complete, a detailed technology plan and a feasibility study will be carried out to be able to determine the potential take up of the technology. The project is being carried out with the full support of KIM as well as Nordic BioEnergy of Denmark.
Project name: Proposal for the Treatment for Livestock manure and slurry by means of Pyrolysis and De-nitrification of water Entity: PT Matic Environmental Services Ltd.
Funding: €149,152
Abstract: The scope of the Project is to propose a feasible solution to the livestock manure challenge on the Maltese islands, by means of a holistic approach that looks at the feasibility from both a technical and financial perspective. The detailed study will be split into three phases:

  1. Collection of Data via primary research methods;
  2. Testing and Analysis of Liquid and Solid Manure Fractions;
  3. Publishing of a technical study and business plan – an upscale solution to the livestock manure challenge of the Maltese Islands.

By the end of the Project, the data collected, compiled into feasibility and technical study shall aid the solution by eliminating the current non-compliance with the water Framework Directive that is caused by discharge of slurry to sewers for treatment in domestic waste water treatment plant.  Furthermore, the solution shall also target the limitation of application of Nitrates to crop land but most importantly convert manure waste into a usable resource.

This article was last updated on: July 26, 2018