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JRC at the World Science Forum – focus on science in policy making, resilience and science for river basins

The 7th edition of the biennial World Science Forum (WSF) took place on 4-7 November 2015 in Budapest. Its main theme, invited to reflect on the way how science opens new paths for the improvement of human life, business innovation and policy making. Read more

Tsunami early warning: JRC tests new low-cost device to measure sea level

A new, low-cost experimental device for sea level measurement has been developed by JRC scientists. The first four devices have been installed in Spain and Portugal. Read more

Strengthening global nuclear security – JRC support to Tajikistan

Six road and railway border crossings with Uzbekistan and Afghanistan are now equipped with radiation portal monitors, supported by a mobile laboratory, which will allow customs authorities to detect radioactive materials. Read more

Online services in the EU: both local and global, with the US as the dominant supplier

Online services in the EU are highly fragmented: Europeans surf mostly on US-based websites which account for about 54% of online activity, while activity on EU-based websites accounts for 42%. Read more

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This article was last updated on: April 5, 2017