Scientific Visa Package

The Scientific Visa Package is a fast-track procedure for admitting qualified researchers who are not EU nationals to work on a research project in Malta.

The procedure is based on European Council Directive 2005/71/EC and was transposed into national legislation by virtue of Legal Notice 102 of 2008.

Responsibility for the administrative aspects of this legislation involves both the Department for Citizenship and Expatriate Affairs as well as the Malta Council for Science and Technology.

Overview of the Procedure

The procedure is summarised below:

1.Research Organisation applies for approval as a Hosting Organisation;

2.The Research Organisation and researcher enter into a Hosting Agreement, which is a commitment by the Research Organisation to engage the researcher on a research project in Malta once the necessary residence permits have been obtained;

3.The Research Organisation submits an application to the Malta Council for Science and Technology to host the researcher;

4.The Malta Council vets the application and will communicate the outcome in writing to the research organisation;

5.The researcher applies to the Director for Citizenship for a residence permit under the terms of LN 102, submitting a copy of the hosting agreement;

6.The Director for Citizenship vets the application and, if all is in order, issues a residence permit.

Researcher’s Rights

1.The researcher may request authorisation to carry out teaching activities in addition to research work.

2.The researcher shall be entitled to equal treatment as EU nationals in terms of conditions relating to work, pay, dismissal, tax benefits and access to goods and services.

3.The following family members shall be allowed to accompany the researcher during the period of the validity of the residence permit: (a) his or her spouse, who will also be granted access to employment and (b) the unmarried minor children of the researcher and his or her spouse, including adopted children.

Approved Hosting Organisations

The following organisations have obtained approval as Hosting Organisations in the context of the Scientific Visa Package.

Contact Person

For help relating to this procedure you may contact the Malta Council for Science and Technology (Strategy and Policy Unit).


Tel: 2360 2200

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Department of Citizenship (

Immigration Act Legal Notice 102 of 2008