Blockchain Funding Opportunities & Webinar
Funding opportunities for Maltese Blockchain/DLT startups + Webinar

Great opportunities for any SME or startup working in Malta on DLT or working towards implementing innovative blockchain solutions!


BlockStart - Blockchain Partnership Program

The BlockStart scheme is helping blockchain/ DLT startups & SMEs to introduce their solutions to market, bringing impact at scale.

You’ll receive up to €20,000 to fine-tune your solution and implement commercial pilots with innovative SMEs (adopters) with focus on fintech, ICT, and retail.

Deadline for application on the 10th of February.

More information in a webinar this Friday (11 am CET) by following the registration link.

The Open Call #1 is launched - details in the following link


Blockpool - Accelerating European SMEs’ uptake of BDLTs

The Blockpool project will select 25 promising projects led by SMEs to enroll into an acceleration programme for testing and validating new Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies (BDLTs). 

Selected projects will obtain a lump sum of maximum €30,000.

Deadline for applications on the 26th of February.

Link to application here.