MCST issues call for Malta Expert Representative on COST Scientific Committee

MCST issues call for Malta Expert Representative on COST Scientific Committee

The Malta Council for Science and Technology, as the Malta national contact point for COST, Co-Operation in Science and Technology, has issued a call of interest from experts who are interested in being nominated as Malta’s representative on the Scientific Committee which assists COST in fulfilling its mission and policies. COST document 126/14 establishes that ‘the Scientific Committee will be composed of 36 high-level experts (one from each COST Member Country and one from Cooperating State) with international renowned expertise, recognized merit in their professional career (science, technology, research management, innovation, industry or other). The Scientific Committee members shall be independent from the Review Panels.

The Scientific Committee members will be expected to serve for up to 10 working days/year. They shall oversee various scientific aspects of COST including the evaluations undertaken by the COST Review Panels. The profile and competences of the Scientific Committee (SC) are:

  • Active scientists with minimum 10 years of research experience and list of publications of the last five years;
  • Experience on evaluation procedures and/or evaluation of research programs (national, European or international);
  • Excellent knowledge of Science & Technology landscape;
  • Broad comprehension of foresight and decision making processes;
  • Knowledge in impact analysis.

The SC will have the following main responsibilities:

  • Ensuring overall supervision and quality control of procedures for:
  • evaluation and selection of COST proposals
  • monitoring and final assessment of COST Actions
  • Global analysis of the outcomes and impact of ended COST Actions
  • Acting as the scientific and technological advisor for COST

Malta has been invited to nominate up to three candidates from Malta to the COST Association, from different science and technology fields with different profile, sectors (innovation hubs, technical/applied universities or research institutions, industry). However, only ONE person will be appointed by COST Association, following an overview of the profiles and competencies of nominees from each country in order ensure a balanced coverage of all science and technology fields, including humanities within the Committee. The position of the member of Scientific Committee is honorary. Travel, accommodation expenses and daily allowance will be reimbursed by COST.

All applications should be submitted in by filling in the details requested in the attached template CV. Applications are to be submitted by Monday 2nd October c.o.b. to All applications will be considered in full confidentiality.


SC candidates CV template