Clean Energy Transition Partnership: Joint Call 2022

The Clean Energy Transition Partnership (CETPartnership) is a Horizon Europe Partnership on joint research, technological development and innovation (RTDI) programming to boost and accelerate the energy transition, building upon regional and national RTDI funding programmes.

The CETPartnership Joint Call 2022 is a 2-stage call structured around 11 Call modules. The Call modules describe specific topics and/or challenges that applicants shall address in their project proposal. Applicants must choose and apply to a specific call module when submitting their project proposal. Evaluation and ranking of the project proposals will be performed separately per Call module.

The Transition Initiatives and Call Modules are as follows:

TRI 1: Integrated Net-zero emissions Energy Systems
a. Call Module: PowerPlanningTools
b. Call Module: RESDemoPowerflex

TRI 2: Enhanced zero emission Power Technologies
a. Call Module: Advancing RE technologies for power production through cost reduction
b. Call Module: Breakthrough R&D to increase RE power technologies efficiency

TRI 3: Enabling Climate Neutrality with Storage Technologies, Renewable Fuels and CCU/CCS
a. Call Module: Enabling Climate Neutrality with Storage Technologies Renewable Fuels and CCU/CCS
b. Call Module: Enabling Climate Neutrality with hydrogen and renewable fuels

TRI 4: Efficient zero emission Heating & Cooling solutions
a. Call Module: Heating & Cooling

TRI 5: Integrated Regional Energy Systems
a. Call Module: Integrated Regional Energy Systems

TRI 6: Integrated Industrial Energy Systems
a. Call Module: Industrial Energy Systems

TRI 7: Integration in the Built Environment
a. Call Module: R&I in clean energy integration in the built environment
b. Call Module: Solutions to energy transition in the built environment

Entities in Malta are eligible for funding in all Call Modules, with the option of requesting up to €500,000 to participate in CETPartnership proposal consortium (N.B: If more than one National partner is present in one consortium, the total amount of funding for the participating National partners cannot exceed the €500,000 capping).

Please consult the:
Call Text
National Rules for Participation (State Aid) UPDATED 
National Rules for Participation (Non-State Aid) UPDATED 

Pre-Proposal Submission Deadline: 23rd November 2022 at 14:00 CET.

Apart from the pre-proposal submission by the Project Coordinator on the Electronic Submission Tool that can be accessed via the CETPartnership website, each National applicant shall be required to submit a National Application Form to by 23rd November 2022 at 23:59 CET.

Please access the national application form together with its corresponding annexes below:
National Application Form

Annex II (Public Entities not RKDO)

Annex III (RKDO)

Annex Widening

A PowerPoint presentation covering further information is available here while a recording of the online info session is available here.

For further information please contact programme officer Ms. Martina Vella on and (+356) 23602113 or on

CETPartnership website:

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