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The Horizon 2020 Unit within the Malta Council for Science and Technology has been entrusted with the role of National Contact Point for Horizon 2020.

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Help you identify Horizon 2020 funding opportunities that match your project ideas;

Personalised advice on open and forthcoming H2020 calls for proposals;

Personalised advice on your project ideas;

Help you identify potential partners via our European networks;

Review your proposal before submission;

Organise information and training sessions;

Provide advice on project management.

Horizon 2020 National Contact Points
National Contact Point Areas
Anthea Fabri

2360 2141

National NCP Coordinator,

Spreading Excellence and Widening Participation,

Legal and Financial issues

Ian Gauci Borda

2360 2232

Health, demographic change and wellbeing,

Food Security, Sustainable Agriculture,

Marine and Bioeconomy,

Research Infrastructures

George Bugeja

2360 2156

Secure, clean and efficient energy,

Smart, green and integrated transport,

Legal and Financial issues Euratom

Tamara Schembri

2360 2243

Europe in a changing world,

Science with and for Society,

Climate action, resources efficiency and raw materials

Lili Kankaya

2360 2133

Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions,

European Research Council,

Future and Emerging Technologies,

Climate action, resources efficiency and raw materials

Mark Meilak

2360 2181

Information and Communication Technologies,

Nanotechnologies, materials, biotechnology and manufacturing,

Secure societies

Melchior Cini

2360 2153

Joint Research Centre,


Steven Frigerio

2360 2177

Innovation in SMEs,

Access to Risk Finance,


Yanika Giordmaina

2360 2134

Legal and Financial issues

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This article was last updated on: September 11, 2020