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National Contact Points The Horizon 2020 Unit within the Malta Council for Science and Technology (MCST) has been entrusted with the role of National Contact Point (NCP) for Horizon 2020. The NCPs provide information, advice and guidance on the Horizon 2020 Programme. Support is provided at national level and one-to-one feedback is given on your project idea. The NCPs also organise information sessions and provide training to potential applicants. As NCPs, we are not isolated but cooperate with out counterparts across Europe and beyond as well with the European Commission. This allows us not only to continuously improve our services but also allows you to benefit from best practices and experiences and to facilitate your partner searchers.




Anthea Fabri
2360 2141
– National NCP Coordinator
– Legal and Financial Issues
– Spreading Excellence and Widening Participation


Elena Sultana
2360 2131
– European Research Infrastructures
– Health, Demographic Change and Wellbeing
– Food Security
– Nanotechnologies, Materials and Biotechnology


George Bugeja
2360 2179
– Legal and Financial Issues
– Secure, Clean and Efficient Energy
– Smart, Green and Integrated Transport


Irene Mangion
2360 2157
– Europe in a Changing World
– Science with and for Society
– Climate Action


Lili Vasileva
2360 2133
– Future and Emerging Technologies
– Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions
– European Research Council
– Climate Action


Mark Meilak
2360 2181
– Information and Communication Technologies
– Nanotechnologies, Materials and Biotechnology
– Secure Societies


Melchior Cini
2360 2153
– Joint Research Centre


Stephen Grixti
2360 2154
– Space


Stephen Micallef
2360 2156
– SMEs
– Access to Finance
– Secure, Clean and Efficient Energy


Yanika Micallef
2360 2134
– Legal and Financial Issues