The Malta Council of Science and Technology (MCST) is organising a public consultation on Malta’s national Smart Specialisation Strategy, as part of Malta’s National Research and Innovation Strategy 2020.


The consultation is taking place on the 6th of November and will provide participants with a re-introduction to Smart Specialisation and insights on the development of the process to date. A member of the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) has been invited to introduce the subject and present the reasons why stakeholder engagement is vital to a Strategy’s success. This will be followed by a discussion on Malta’s experience with the Entrepreneurial Discovery Process (EDP) so far, as well as an examination of the most challenging and successful elements of the process.


Through the experience exchanges, comments and suggestions with the JRC, stakeholders will be given the opportunity to express opinions, raise issues and provide feedback on Malta’s current Smart Specialisation Strategy. Breakout sessions will also be held on identifying new ideas and priority areas for a Strategy post-2020. Agenda for the Future of Smart Specialisation

If you are a researcher, academic, entrepreneur, or a citizen interested in the development of Research and Innovation in Malta, join us and have your say by registering here.