ERANETMED – Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation through ERA-NET Joint Activities and Beyond This initiative was conceptualised on the idea of enhancing Euro-Mediterranean co-ownership through innovation and competitive research in the societal challenges faced by the region. In turn this helped to reduce fragmentation by increasing coordination among national research programmes of European Member States, Associated Countries and Mediterranean Partner Countries (MPCs). MCST was one of the 22 partners in this initiative. ERANETMED goals included:

  • Establishing a framework for communication and coordination of programme owners and managers related to science and technology cooperation from Europe and Mediterranean Partner Countries
  • Strengthening the Euro-Mediterranean Research and Innovation cooperation and promoting joint activities
  • Developing joint funding schemes and procedures between partners
  • Supporting long-term and stable Euro-Mediterranean cooperation
  • Strengthening MPCs capacities to enhance research and innovation and increase the impact of research on the socio-economic development of the region

MCST actively participated in the first ERANETMED Call, where two of the successful projects included the participation of 3 local entities which benefitted from the National funding provided. These projects are currently still ongoing, with one falling under the Water Nexus theme and the project team is working on the effective integration and management of energy and water systems – EDGEWISE. The other project falls under the Renewable Energies theme and the project team is working on the design, development and demonstration of a novel smart micro-grid system – 3DMicroGrid.

This article was last updated on: December 7, 2018