The Malta Council for Science and Technology is seeking to nominate suitable candidates to PRIMA who will then in turn be choosing candidates to participate in the PRIMA Scientific Advisory Committee.


The PRIMA programme aims to build research and innovation capacities and to develop knowledge and common innovative solutions for water management and provision and agro-food systems in the Mediterranean region, to make them more climate resilient, efficient, cost effective and sustainable and to contribute to an upstream solution of water scarcity, food security, nutrition, health and well-being. For more information on the PRIMA Programme, please visit:


The role of the Scientific Advisory Committee shall be that of providing advice to the PRIMA Foundation bodies on the strategic priorities and needs in matters of the PRIMA Programme, shall be consulted on the content and the scope of the annual work plan and shall be consulted about the decision making process on scientific and technical aspects for the implementation of the Programme. Where appropriate, the Scientific Advisory Committee shall advise the Board of Trustees on the setting up of scientific subcommittees, task forces and specialised working groups.


One expert will be chosen for each of the three thematic areas:

Thematic Area 1 –Sustainable water management

Thematic Area 2 – Sustainable farming systems

Thematic Area 3 –Agro-food value chains


Candidates must, at minimum, hold a first degree and a post graduate qualification in one of the above areas of expertise.


Candidates must show proof of at least five (5) years of professional experience (or at least 3 years if in possession of a PhD) in the area of expertise.


Preference will be given to candidates that have worked with institutions or programmes involved in the Mediterranean area or related to food and water issues (such as various JPI’s, relevant European Technology Platforms etc.).


Nominated candidates that will be chosen by PRIMA will be acting solely in their personal competence. PRIMA will also be choosing from the pool of nominated candidates according to gender balance and also taking into account the balance between the representation of EU and Non-EU Members.


PRIMA will be reimbursing travel and accommodation costs.


Interested candidates can send a copy of their CV to by not later than noon on the 24th January 2018.


For further information, kindly contact Ms Corinne Muscat Terribile – / +356 23602152